Tuesday, November 4, 2008


#1- Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama and VP-Elect Joe Biden.

Obama's victory speech was beautiful. I was truly moved to tears and the overwhelming feeling of excitement and hope has washed over me. I googled Obama's name and the Europeans are swelling with excitement and feel that we can rebuild with them. The world is elated! Obama's speech reminded me why America is such a great country. We CAN unite as a country. I am so proud, this day, to be an American.

#2- Senator McCain. Tonight, he showed grace under disappointment. He was very eloquent and a man I believe can stand strong with President-elect Obama and alongside him can continue to bring his positive traits to the table. I would have had a hard time with my choice this year if McCain had a different running mate other than Sarah Palin, i.e. Joe Lieberman. However, I was proud of Senator McCain tonight and wish him the best of everything and hope that he can bring his expertise and know-how to President-elect Obama.

Our country will grow. We can unite. YES WE CAN!!

I went in tonight and looked in on my sleeping daughter and felt hope and I know that anything is possible in this world.

Good night friends, and I hope that you will all support this new President as he has a hard, hard road ahead of him and huge mess to clean up. He brings a new energy, a hope, and an excitement we need.
I just wanted to link to McCain's Concession speech and Obama's victory speech:

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