Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness

As a mother raising a child with a Traumatic Brain Injury acquired because of Shaken Baby Syndrome with Impact, please go sign this petition: and view this website about Sarah Jane.  View her on The Today Show.  Thanks a million!

Oh and yes, those photos are of Emma.  She was shaken and slammed by a caregiver when she was 11 months old.  When I have the time and in reality, the patience, I will post the complete story of with happened to her! 

The Great Southern Feast of November 2008...

Some of you may or may not be aware of my deep love of all foods that are comfort food and ethnic/cultural.  Well, anyways, my family and I had made a trip to Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles in South Phoenix.  Their moniker is "Da Best Food in Da Hood" and let me tell you, oh hell yes it is.  If you ever get the chance to be in Phoenix, head on South to Lo-lo's chicken and waffles and definitely eat the "Lo-Lo's Plate" which is 3 pieces of Southern Fried Chicken with the fabulous waffles.  I am drooling at this memory.  While we were there, we ordered Chicken gizzards with rice and gravy.. and man oh man they was delish.   Plus a huge mason jar of Red Kool Aid or Sweet Tea.  Fabulousness.  

So last night my sister and brother decided "We can make it just as good as Lo-Lo's" and damn skippy, they sure did.  Right now, I am still too full to go into details but all I have to say is.. this is the Great Southern Feast of November 2008.  Remind me, though, to tell you about the Great Apple Butter Fiasco of 2003.  

Until I finish digesting last night's dinner, enjoy the photos from our trip to Lo-Los! 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Love this...

Nuf Said.  Beautiful and it makes me so weepy. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Job..

Ok, so I start my new job tomorrow and I am sooo excited!!!

Things are looking so up I can't believe it!!! YAY!!!

So, anyways, I will be working with a very progressive Oncology practice. It's an amazing group and opportunity and I feel very blessed to be a part of this team.

Some of the perks: free massages once a month (sweet), monthly bonuses (whoo hoo!), free lunches and breakfasts twice a week during clinics.

What a sweet deal, huh? Besides the awesome salary, I get to work with the best in the industry.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


#1- Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama and VP-Elect Joe Biden.

Obama's victory speech was beautiful. I was truly moved to tears and the overwhelming feeling of excitement and hope has washed over me. I googled Obama's name and the Europeans are swelling with excitement and feel that we can rebuild with them. The world is elated! Obama's speech reminded me why America is such a great country. We CAN unite as a country. I am so proud, this day, to be an American.

#2- Senator McCain. Tonight, he showed grace under disappointment. He was very eloquent and a man I believe can stand strong with President-elect Obama and alongside him can continue to bring his positive traits to the table. I would have had a hard time with my choice this year if McCain had a different running mate other than Sarah Palin, i.e. Joe Lieberman. However, I was proud of Senator McCain tonight and wish him the best of everything and hope that he can bring his expertise and know-how to President-elect Obama.

Our country will grow. We can unite. YES WE CAN!!

I went in tonight and looked in on my sleeping daughter and felt hope and I know that anything is possible in this world.

Good night friends, and I hope that you will all support this new President as he has a hard, hard road ahead of him and huge mess to clean up. He brings a new energy, a hope, and an excitement we need.
I just wanted to link to McCain's Concession speech and Obama's victory speech:


Did you vote? Get out and vote!!

No Way, No How, NO MCCAIN!!!

I can respect when somebody is supporting a candidate based on policies, especially if those policies effect them directly. For myself, I can not respect McCain. I could respect him if it wasn't for his running mate. She is even seperating from HIM. How does that tell you about his leadership. Right now, realistically, we have a candidate who could easily pass on during office if he were to win. What would that leave us with? Palin. I shudder at the thought. She hides behind her son with DS (down syndrome). She has in FACT cut 62% of the funding in Alaska for schools for Special Needs Children, YET she has been trying to sucker us parents of special needs children by saying We have a friend in the White House. Fuck her. This particular blog has it down much better then I EVER will

What scares me the most is when people are stupid enough to believe that Obama has ties that they claim they can prove (morons) to terrorists. Um, you, community college chica has this info but the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., doesn't? Please use Snopes before you claim those chain emails are fact.

Because McCain is a war hero doesn't mean he can lead a country. It doesn't. Fact of the matter is, he suffers PTSD.. which scares me. His quick temper scares me. Because Obama is young doesn't mean he CAN'T lead the country. Use your brain, not the chain emails to vote.

So please, vote, but base it on studying the policies not by believing morons who live in trailer parks and can't seem to study on policies.


As a parent raising a child with special needs, I can tell you right now I have seen FIRST HAND the effects of Republicans (before the Democrats took over) cutting programs for the special needs population. Medicaid for the disabled have WAIT LISTS for children with special needs. WAIT LISTS!!! Do we want our children to continue to decay under another Bush Administration. Special Needs population does need extra care NOT to be shoved in to corners, institutions, etc. which would HAPPEN!!!

So get out and ROCK THE VOTE