Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Way, No How, NO MCCAIN!!!

I can respect when somebody is supporting a candidate based on policies, especially if those policies effect them directly. For myself, I can not respect McCain. I could respect him if it wasn't for his running mate. She is even seperating from HIM. How does that tell you about his leadership. Right now, realistically, we have a candidate who could easily pass on during office if he were to win. What would that leave us with? Palin. I shudder at the thought. She hides behind her son with DS (down syndrome). She has in FACT cut 62% of the funding in Alaska for schools for Special Needs Children, YET she has been trying to sucker us parents of special needs children by saying We have a friend in the White House. Fuck her. This particular blog has it down much better then I EVER will http://specialneeds08.blogspot.com/

What scares me the most is when people are stupid enough to believe that Obama has ties that they claim they can prove (morons) to terrorists. Um, you, community college chica has this info but the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., doesn't? Please use Snopes before you claim those chain emails are fact.

Because McCain is a war hero doesn't mean he can lead a country. It doesn't. Fact of the matter is, he suffers PTSD.. which scares me. His quick temper scares me. Because Obama is young doesn't mean he CAN'T lead the country. Use your brain, not the chain emails to vote.

So please, vote, but base it on studying the policies not by believing morons who live in trailer parks and can't seem to study on policies.



As a parent raising a child with special needs, I can tell you right now I have seen FIRST HAND the effects of Republicans (before the Democrats took over) cutting programs for the special needs population. Medicaid for the disabled have WAIT LISTS for children with special needs. WAIT LISTS!!! Do we want our children to continue to decay under another Bush Administration. Special Needs population does need extra care NOT to be shoved in to corners, institutions, etc. which would HAPPEN!!!

So get out and ROCK THE VOTE

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